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Object Detection

The module detects type of the object, and issues a warning in accordance to the specified rule


Ability to create your own rules for any situation (presence or absence) of an object, set the time frame, and select the area
Track and classify over 50 different objects
Extended object classification
  • 01
    Advanced analytic technology uses neural networks to analyze video, delivering high accuracy in both perimeter defense and congested environments
  • 02
    Checking the presence or absence of an object within specified timeframe in the selected area
  • 03
    Objects can be additionally classified, despite being stationary
  • 04
    Video analytics goes beyond people and vehicles and include cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and bicycles
  • 05
    Counting objects according to the selected types to analyze the congestion of intersections and streets

How It Works

The rule is created to analyze different types of objects
Counting and checking the presence or absence of an object in a certain area
Instant notifications for an object detection in a defined area