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License Plate Recognition

Used for automatic identification of license plates, collection, and storage of vehicle data


Up to 99% recognition accuracy
100+ countries license plates support and counting
Up to 250 km/hour vehicle speed for license plate recognition
  • 01
    License plate capture and recognition within 8-30 milliseconds
  • 02
    Recognition of the make, model, and color of vehicle, as well as the country identifier
  • 03
    Determination of the route and direction of vehicle
  • 04
    Vehicle lists set up
  • 05
    Ability to work with different sources of video data
  • 06
    Ability to process statistical data and generate reports
  • 07
    Flexible access rights for different user groups
  • 08
    Search with ability to filter recognition data in the archive
  • 09
    Database support: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle Database
  • 10
    Supports import (CSV) and export database (EXCEL/PDF/CSV/JSON)
  • 11
    Business logic constructor
  • 12
    Cross-platform and multilingual interface

How It Works

Information about the date and location of vehicle is recorded
License plate recognition, identification of brand, model, color, route, and country of vehicle
The license plate is compared to the vehicle search database
Notifications are sent about the location of the vehicle in real-time