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Software development based on neural networks

"About Us

Main Facts about Incoresoft

Incoresoft is a European company which develops solutions in the field of face and objects recognition on video, video surveillance systems and the usage of neural networks for a safe environment in cities

Our mission
  • To make safe cities, companies, public spaces and residential areas
  • To help business optimize the level of security for workspaces and places
Our aim
  • Our strategic goal is to become the number one European security solution in the field of video surveillance
What technologies do we use
  • Our developments are based on neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • We provide data protection using blockchain technologies

"Our advantages

We are constantly improving our products:
Our attention is focused on the needs of our customers who want to maximize the results from video surveillance systems and the process of automatic recognition of people, objects and vehicles
We have:
  • - An experienced team of specialists working with neural networks
  • - Over 3 years of working with video analytics
  • - European quality software product
  • - Supporting a high level of security in the interests of our customers and partners
We work according to the requirements of EU legislation:
We work in accordance with the requirements of European and international data protection laws. Privacy Policy

"Our products

AI-based video analytics and object recognition system
High-speed weighing systems in motion for automated recording of violations
A platform for trading and exchanging popular cryptocurrencies

Our trading platform based on blockchain - IncoreX

IncoreX is a fully functional spot-trading system for popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and many others.

The platform offers some of the best conditions in the world of cryptocurrencies for trading and making profit from operations with cryptocurrencies. Continuous processing of orders, minimal fees for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies in cash, quick verification and reliable exchange of funds — all comfortable conditions for traders are available with IncoreX

Securing Your Digital Assets
More than 10 ways to replenish personal balance on the platform
Continuous execution of payment orders and high transaction speed
High commission payments to partners
24-hour support via various online channels
Low commission fees for cash withdrawals
Reliable partnership
Access to trading from a smartphone

Our key product is the VEZHA system

Incoresoft's VEZHA is a video analytics and object recognition system for the city based on artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks. It is a set of software products that are capable of hundreds of processes simultaneously recognizing and storing the necessary data, while performing analysis of large arrays of images and data in seconds

Neural network with self-learning ability
Protecting data from unauthorized access or unauthorized use
Scalability — from private companies with dozens of employees to a city with hundreds of thousands of residents
A set of products that can be customized depending on what tasks the recognition system should solve
Minimalism and conciseness
Everything in front of your eyes is always there: from your laptop to smartphone
A network of reliable partners
Customization of solutions for your needs

Become a partner?

You can join the partners program and receive training in the implementation and operation of the VEZHA system.

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