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Motion Detection

The motion detection module helps to analyze moving objects using different rules


Rules: line crossing, loitering, intrusion, lost object, and missing object
This module records events, and also date and time of the violation
Easy settings
  • 01
    Various rules, such as: line crossing detection, intrusion, loitering, lost and missing objects
  • 02
    Multiple rules help you analyze the situation in city, shopping center, store or public place
  • 03
    Intrusion analytics with motion detection helps analyze intrusion into specific area
  • 04
    Loitering analytics help prevent unpredictable behavior in specific area
  • 05
    Lost object detection can be used at the airports, bus and train stations to find lost items and prevent explosions and terrorist attacks

How It Works

User selects a rule for detection: line crossing, loitering, intrusion, lost object, missing object
Data from CCTV cameras are processed by the Motion Detection module
The system sends notifications based on the specified rules. Events display violations by the date and time of the violation