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About Us

Incoresoft is a company that develops solutions in the field of video analytics and object recognition in city based on artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks.

Incoresoft has created a modern Ukrainian product that uses innovative approaches to video monitoring and security of cities and companies.

Why Us

Incoresoft is a European company founded in 2015. We have a team of 30 highly skilled IT professionals working with neural networks and artificial intelligence. VEZHA is one of the leading projects of Incoresoft. VEZHA strives for excellence to improve urban safety.

VEZHA's products include license plate and face recognition, helmets and object detection, traffic analytics and gate control. VEZHA constantly monitors recordings from CCTV cameras installed in the city. VEZHA analyzes data to respond to potentially dangerous situations in a city or small village. VEZHA is represented by 25 value-added resellers operating in more than 4 countries.

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Our mission is to be the ♯1 security solution
Oleg Syvyniuk
CEO Incoresoft