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UIC & Container

The module is used to detect and recognize UIC wagon numbers. It supports 24/7 recognition of numbers on all types of train, locomotives, passenger wagons, freight wagons, platforms, and tank cars in a broad range of external conditions.You can search for wagons by UIC number, create lists of wagons and receive notifications about the recognized UIC number


Up to 99% recognition accuracy
Identification of UIC numbers in motion
Supports multiple wagon types
  • 01
    Flexible search by UIC number in a certain timeframe
  • 02
    Building business logic by using Event Manager to send data to external resources
  • 03
    Configuring notifications by the lists
  • 04
    Ability to work with the different sources of video data
  • 05
    Flexible access rights for different user groups
  • 06
    Search for recognition data through the archive, enabling filtering
  • 07
    Database support: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle Database
  • 08
    Supports import (CSV) and export database (EXCEL / PDF / CSV / JSON)

How It Works

The system receives data from CCTV cameras
Recognition of the UIC number in motion
Sending notifications about the location of the wagon in real-time