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Traffic Intelligence

Informs about the movement and formation of vehicles rows


identification of vehicle rows
license plate recognition
notifications about rows appearance
Product Verification
  • 01
    Informing about possibly dangerous rows of vehicles
  • 02
    Sending notifications about formation of unauthorized rows
  • 03
    Detailed information about rows movement by the city
  • 04
    Search and detection of potentially dangerous ways of transporting goods or people in columns: terrorist threat, unauthorized meetings, etc.
  • 05
    Informing about the theft of vehicles by groups of persons
  • 06
    Control the rows of public events, officials and delegations, transportation of important or valuable goods in a safe way
  • 07
    Warning about planned group crimes using vehicles

How It Works

The system detects vehicles moving together for a specified period of time
Informing in real-time about all vehicles in the row
Identifying license plate numbers and frames with cars when moving in rows
Determination of location and vehicles route in the row