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Of course, you have already faced the problem of shortage of IT professionals required to close the gap due to lacking qualifications of your own staff. We propose you the method, which has long and successfully been used throughout the civilized world, and allows you to completely avoid the risks associated with keeping your own specialists on the payroll. This solution is outstaffing the IT professionals.
We guarantee:
  • Competence of IT specialists that 100% match your needs
  • Compliance of IT specialists with your company regulations
  • Compliance of IR specialists with information security procedures adopted by your company
  • IT specialists` are fluent in English
We offer:
  • Competitive prices
  • Significant cost savings
  • Guaranteed aggressing your problems in time-efficient and accurate manner
  • Quick involvement or change of IT professionals in case of necessity.


There is no need in official employment, coordination and management of personnel, keeping payroll and reporting documentation; a freelancer is not bound by employment relationship with you, his/her wages are held in your accounts under the "expenses" item.

You do not pay sick leaves, holidays and maternity leaves, you do not pay payroll taxes; your IT professional does not get sick, does not ask for days off, does not go on vacation, does not demand higher salary, and does not require bonuses, quarterly payments and other privileges.

You do not have any outages; an employee that is out of job for any reason will be immediately replaced by similar specialist.

You do not pay for an employee search, only for the work they actually perform.

If the specialist does not come up to your expectations, you do not have to start the search again - the other one will be sent to you, taking into account complaints put forward by you.

Our employees are always at work according to the staffing table; he/she is always backed by our IT team ready to support him/her at any time to solve the IT problems of any level.

All services are custom-tailored according to a contract made to your wishes.

We, as your permanent partner, take the responsibility of the competence of employees and the quality of all work performed by them.

You pay only for a work time spent by professionals and save on all the rest!


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